Which companies provide the best customer service? The worst?

really a good question which companies provide  the best costumer  service and which worst ?

the answer is simple and i think we all  know and love that one.


 APPLE – Dells’s loss, Apple’s Gain?

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ASCI)* second quarter report indicates that within the Personal Computers category, customers perceived Apple as the best company in terms of customer service. Apple’s baseline score was 77 (on a 100-point scale), and the Q2 2006 score was 83.

Computerworld, discussing Apple’s number one ranking says,  “The Company’s focus on product innovation and customer service has won it a cadre of famously loyal customers, unlike any other PC vendor.  And why are Dell’s scores slipping? The article elaborates, “Survey respondents complained mostly about the quality of Dell’s customer service, not its products, Van Amburg said… customers were clearly more frustrated with Dell than they were last year, he said.”

This blog post ‘New Virus Found! The You Suck Virus,’ states, “Part of being “excellent” in business is being innovative. If you agree with that one criteria (I know there are more) then Apple is the clear winner when it comes to innovation. Companies like Dell, HP, and IBM make good computers but once you compare them to a really excellent product (like an Apple) it is easy to see the difference.”

This 2003 article indicates that Apple is pretty consistent when it comes to high-quality customer service, “Apple did garnish the number one customer service ranking in the 2001 Consumer Reports Annual Questionnaire, and a number one ranking for desktop repairs in May 2003.” Here are some customer compliments for Apple.


AOL – Playing Dirty, Tricking Customers?

An overwhelming majority of netizens have had bad experiences with AOL – especially while closing their accounts. Listen to Vincent Ferrari’s conversation with AOL CSR John here.

About Ferrari’s experience, blogger Rich Brooks says: “After 15 minutes he finally got through to a human being. The call resulted in something that’s a cross between Dante’s 9th ring of hell and Orwell’s 1984. The king from Monty Python’s Holy Grail had an easier time explaining to the palace guards to keep his son locked in his room than Ferrari had explaining that he just wanted tocancel the account.”

Dan Spencer says, “I will never forget when I called to cancel my family’s account with AOL after my dad passed away very suddenly. This was about six months after the death. AOL said because the account was in his name they needed to talk to him to cancel it. We explained how difficult that may be considering the circumstance and they then had the nerve to tell my family they will not cancel it with out proper identification of the death such as a death certificate. They then even said that they billed my father for the six months each month. We had moved and never recieved these so we told them if they get the money from him to call us ASAP so we can witness a miracle. Even with all the information concerning the security provided with them they refused to cancel it.”

When a company believes it can retain customers by antagonizing them, something is very wrong with their customer service policy. Also, AOL is not above tricking customers into buying stuff online that they were only browsing.

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Meaning of Aura and its colors
The Aura is a reflection of our True Nature at any given moment. At this point it is perhaps necessary to explain what do I mean by “True Nature” and why some effort is necessary to “discover” it. Our society seems to emphasize symbols, stereotypes, habits, manners, superficial behavior, pretending, following others and submitting free will to some “leaders”. Our “education” seems to be based on views and expectations of people who try to control the flock.
Our True Nature is what is left when we recognize and discard all our habits, stereotypes, manners, and pretending, superficial behavior and become fully conscious, truly natural and spontaneous. Note that some people are so attached to their manners and habits that it is very hard, if not impossible, to discover who they really are. The only way to get an instant insight into their personality seems to be by watching their Aura, because the Aura shows their True Nature, behind any facade of superficial behavior.
In general, the more colorful, cleaner and brighter the Aura, the better and more spiritually advanced is the person. Also, the more uniform the energy distribution in the Aura, the healthier and more balanced the person is.
Distribution of the energy in the Aura seems to have the potential of a powerful medical diagnostic tool, but usually requires using a complex equipment. The scope of this article is to concentrate on what we can easily see with our eyes.
Our Aura surrounds the entire body, but the interpretation of colors below relates to the Aura around the head only. Meaning of colors around the head presented below suggested in the literature has been confirmed by the author. When you learn to see Aura well, you can verify it for yourself, by concentrating on certain thoughts while watching your Aura, or telling people what their thoughts are when you see their Auras.
Usually, people have one or two dominating colors (strong points) in their Aura. These colors (or their Auric pairs) will be most likely their favorite colors.
In addition to dominant colors, the Aura reflects thoughts, feelings and desires, which appear like “flashes”, “clouds” or “flames”, usually further away from the head. For example a flash of orange in the Aura indicates a thought or desire to exercise power and control. Orange as a dominant color is a sign of power and general ability to control people. Quickly changing “flashes” indicate quickly changing thoughts.
Meaning of Clean Colors of the Aura 
(colors of the rainbow, bright, shiny, monochromatic colors):
Purple: indicates spiritual thoughts. Purple is never a strong point in the Aura. It appears only as temporary “clouds” and “flames”, indicating truly spiritual thoughts.
Blue: Balanced existence, sustaining life, eased nerve system, transmitting forces and energy. People with blue strong point in their Aura are relaxed, balanced and feel ready to live in a cave and survive. They are born survivors. Blue thought is a thought about relaxing the nerve system to achieve the balance of the mind or a thought about surviving. Electric blue can override any other color in the Aura, when the person is receiving and/or transmitting information in a telepathic communication. For example Michel Desmarquet, author of “Thiaoouba Prophecy”, frequently glows with the electric blue during his lectures, especially when he answers questions from the public.
Turquoise: indicates dynamic quality of being, highly energized personality, capable of projection, influencing other people. People with turquoise strong point in their Aura can do many things simultaneously and are good organizers. They feel bored when forced to concentrate on one thing. People love bosses with turquoise Auras, because such bosses explain their goals and influence their team rather than demand executing their commands. Turquoise thought is a thought about organizing and influencing others.
Green: restful, modifying energy, natural healing ability. All natural healers should have it. People with a green strong point in their Auras are natural healers. The stronger the green Aura, the better the healer. They also love gardening and usually have a “green hand” – anything grows for them. Being in a presence of a person with a strong and green Aura is a very peaceful and restful experience. Green thought indicates a restful state and healing.

Yellow: joy, freedom, non-attachment, freeing or releasing vital forces. People who glow yellow are full of inner joy, very generous and not attached to anything. Yellow halo around the head: high spiritual development. A signature of a spiritual teacher. Do not accept spiritual teachings from anyone who does not have such a yellow halo. Buddha and Christ had yellow halos extending to their arms. Today it is rare on Earth to find a person with a halo larger than 1 inch. Yellow halo appears as a result of a highly active brow chakra (which can be seen glowing with violet by many people at my workshops). Highly spiritual people stimulate the brow chakra continuously for many years, because they always have intensive spiritual thoughts in their minds. When this chakra is observed when highly active, a yellow (Auric pair) halo appears around it, surrounding the entire head. Yellow thought indicates a moment of joy and contentment.

Orange: uplifting and absorbing. Inspiring. A sign of power. Ability and/or desire to control people. When orange becomes a strong point, it usually contributes to a yellow halo, which then becomes gold, indicating not only a spiritual teacher, but a powerful spiritual teacher, someone capable of demonstrating his/her unique abilities. Orange thought is a thought about exercising power or a desire to control people.
Red: materialistic thoughts, thoughts about the physical body. Predominantly red Aura indicates materialistically oriented person.
Pink (=purple+red): love (in a spiritual sense). To obtain a clean pink, you need to mix the purple (the highest frequency we perceive) with red (the lowest frequency). Pink Aura indicates that the person achieved a perfect balance between spiritual awareness and the material existence. The most advanced people have not only a yellow halo around the head (a permanent strong point in the Aura) but also a large pink Aura extending further away. The pink color in the Aura is quite rare on Earth and appears only as a temporary thought, never as a strong point in the Aura.
Meaning of Dirty colors: 
(colors appearing darker than background more like a smoke than a glow)
Brown: unsettling, distracting, materialistic, negating spirituality.
Gray: dark thoughts, depressing thoughts, unclear intentions, presence of a dark side of personality.
Sulfur (color of a mustard): pain or lack of ease, anger

White: serious disease, artificial stimulation (drugs). Why does the white color in the Aura indicate problems? White color is like a noise, rather than a set of harmonious tones (monochromatic colors). It is impossible to “tune” the noise to an orchestra playing harmonious music, hence the white Aura indicates a lack of harmony in the body and mind. Nature, which we are a part of, is harmonious. This harmony comes in discrete vibration “tones” or harmonics, partially described by the modern quantum physics.
Several hours before the death, the Aura becomes white, and greatly increases in intensity. For this reason in most cultures “death” is depicted in WHITE (not black), because in the past, people could actually see a white Aura before death. It seems that our ancestors knew much more than we are prepared to admit.


It is not easy to define corruption. But in a narrow sense, corruption is mostly concerned with ‘bribery’ and it takes several forms. Corruption is a global phenomenon and it is omnipresent. Corruption has progressively increased and is now rampant in our society

When so many writers are talking of the emergence of India on the global stage, it is interesting that we are getting riddled withscams. From the Bofors Scam, Commonwealth Games scam, Adarsh Housing Scam, IPL scam, to the Fodder Scam to the 2G scam, we seem to have covered the whole spectrum (cheap pun).  Someone even tried to sell the Taj – yes, that’s true. Corruption in India is a consequence of the nexus between Bureaucracy, politics and criminals. India is now no longer considered a soft state.

Why is there so much corruption in India? I . believe that it depends on the way we visualize the term family in our mind. India is a country of relationships and some of these relationships can be hard to understand for someone who does not share this world view. Ask a a few Indians to draw all the people who they consider to be family. This may or may not be limited to their blood ties. It is not uncommon to be introduced to someone who is “my brother” or better still “like my brother” where the term brother refers only to emotional closeness with that person. The concept of a “Rakhi Sister” refers to a girl who has tied a “rakhi” (a holy thread) around the wrist of someone she considers emotionally to be her brother. This transcends any confines of clan. Rakhi can create a sense of kinship even among enemies. The great Hindu King Porus refrained from striking Alexander, the Great because the latter’s wife had approached this mighty adversary and tied a Rakhi on his hand, prior to the battle, urging him not to hurt her husband. In parts of rural India, anyone from the village back home will be referred to as a “Bhai” when they meet in the city. This kinship can be traced to notion of Jaati and Varna – as explained by Dr Edmund Weber.

Causes of corruption in India:-

 Lack of effective management and organisation:Due to mismanagement and misorganisation, there is a weak control on various departments and their working. This leads to lack of coordination and control among departments and levels of organisation. This uncontrolled and unsupervised administration gives rise to corruption on large scale. Besides, appointment of inefficient and incapable managers and executives on various levels of hierarchy also leads to mismanagement and misorganisation. The only cause of this wrong appointment is corruption. Hence, corruption breeds corruption.

Lack of economical stability: Economical crisis and price hike are major causes of corruption. Economical crisis leads to unemployment and change in standard of living. It develops a feeling of insecurity in the minds of affected people.A country cannot survive without honest and sincere leaders. so much leaders today are corrupt that i couldn’t tell their names as they deactivate my blog.

Lack of values: Home and educational institution play a significant role in character building of citizens. Moral values are only taught in most of these institutions. But, they are not properly inculcated in individual. This is the basic cause of corruption.

Lack of love for country: Due to rapid modernisation and globalisation, people are becoming more and more selfish. They are only concerned with self enrichment and wealth accumulation. The only objective of many Indian is to become rich as soon as possible. they have materialistic.

Lack of employment: Many unemployed educated youth fall prey to corruption. They are willing to pay huge amount for jobs. Many employer take undue advantage of this situation. They take bribe and give appointment letters. The appointed employee uses all means (legal and illegal) to recover his lost money as early as possible. Hence,Corruption breeds corruption. When these employees achieve power and author.

Stop Corruption..Save India

India 83rd corrupt Nation In the Global Corruption Index, a survey of 133 nations conducted by Transparency International (an anti-graft watchdog), India stood 83rd in the world, alongside Malawi and Romania. India recorded a score of 2.8 out of 10. Last year, India’s score was 2.7 out of 10, but it stood 71st in a list of 102 nations, unlike 133 this time. Finland with a score of 9.7 has been ranked first, making it the least corrupt nation on earth. A score of 10 means a country is seen as being ‘highly clean’, and a score of zero means ‘highly corrupt.’Bangladesh had the dubious distinction of being the world’s most corrupt nation with a score of 1.3, worse even than Nigeria and Haiti, which had scores of 1.4 and 1.5, respectively to stand 132nd and 133rd. However, Asia as a whole fared badly in the report on corruption, with many nations in the region being counted amongst the worst in the world for graft among public officials and politicians.Myanmar ranked 129th and Indonesia was 122nd and so but it is we who can save our nation make it a construction free. This new generation has the power to save and change the India on the basis of their talents. the youth of India is so talented that we cant even imagine. so come up “bharat vasiyon” stood up against this fatal disease and save ur nation.




The spiritual reality is the wisdom of consciousness that is beyond our wisdom of thought. Beyond the Cosmos, the spiritual reality is what we know as God. The spiritual reality is that God is the creator of all in the physical world. Spiritual reality of God is timeless, motionless, endless, unlimited and complete.

The spiritual reality is that we consider our selfishness as our inner self and wisdom in the thought as the wisdom of consciousness. The spiritual reality is that selfishness is our individual life and inner self is our absolute life. The spiritual reality is that our thinking is the wisdom of our understanding of society, universities and parents and is expressed in the form of our spoken language. The reality is that our spiritual wisdom of consciousness is the knowledge of the eternal and is expressed in the form of our emotions.

Spiritual reality is that our senses and wisdom of impure thoughts fails to explore topics pure, permanent and inner self and pleasure and who are donors.

Spiritual reality is that we see the people we love or hate are permanent, or behave as if our goods are to exist permanently. Spiritual reality is that each of them is temporary and shifting, and our relationships are temporary. The property, enmity and the physical body are only relative in the present moment of time. We have no ongoing relationship with our parents and our children.

The  reality is that the things we see around us is only just about for our life or only for sometime after that everything will get destroyed by time as the time is great destroyer. The only thing that was , is and will be surviving is the god. , God is the Omnipresent Reality. My topic was not to make u familiar with god but to show u the reality of this life we got. The life we got has a great significance rather than earning money, thinking of sex with others and all that ….. but its just more. Later i i’ll tell u during my next post. hope u like this. plz make comments and suggest me also.